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IRIS Omnidata – Our philosophy and ambitions!

IRIS Omnidata is a centralised cross-media tracking platform built exclusively to empower brands and rights-holders to maximise their ROI in today’s complex and vast sports media ecosystem.

IRIS introduces a comprehensive, robust and validated end-to-end solution to the market, combining live social media performance measurement with the tracking of all other media where your brand and assets might gather visibility (e.g. TV, OTT, online & print).

Our Unique Ecosystem

Our journey together starts from the media monitoring of your events/properties in all media (TV, OTT, social media, online & print). Sponsorship exposure and media value are promptly measured across owned and earned media, combined with live analysis of digital campaigns outputs and influencer/ambassador performance. In addition, it’s also possible to benchmark sponsorship and digital performance, and add market research data to better target and understand your audiences in key markets.

IRIS Omnidata is for everyone within an organisation - from marketing to sales, sponsorship, and digital teams. The service empowers everyone to confidently keep up to date with performance in a scalable manner, with transparency, detail and accuracy according to IRIS’ 3-layered marketing funnel:

Our 3 Layers Marketing Funnel

Those working in Operations will be able to monitor outputs in all media, sponsorship exposures, and campaigns, whilst also live tracking key earned social accounts (ambassadors, influencers, athletes…).

Clients will also benefit from listening capabilities, enabling users to understand which accounts are helping amplify exposure, value and performance. Finally, clients can layer market research information on fans, such as sport interests, demographic profiling, psychographic data, and more.

IRIS is a synonym of highly personalised Support. Expect our Accounts team to be ready to provide on-demand bespoke insights, quality executive summaries and highly detailed reports. To self-audit the data behind our reports, clients will have access to post level information for social media.

The Omnidata dashboard was designed as an interactive Decision-making tool to help you plan and anticipate outcomes, by including customised metrics, historical data, latest market trends and benchmarking information.

Our team at IRIS is delighted to help the sports industry through our client-first approach and now through our Omidata innovative platform.

To continue providing a high-quality service to our clients, we’ve also increased our talent pool, which includes the recent addition to the team of Patrick Yandjou, an experienced Sales Manager in the digital sports business who joins us to help with IRIS international expansion and bring Omnidata’s solution to the wider sports industry.

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